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This is our story

MalagaMinds, led by Marta Macy and Valmore J. Mendoza is a Coaching & Therapy Center based in Málaga, Spain. Founded in 2020 for all those who want their personal or professional freedom and success.

We provide individual - both in-person and online - sessions in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. During a FREE consultation you are able to talk with our Experts and choose the best method to solve your current issue.

MalagaMinds organizes events where you can meet like-minded people and learn how to strengthen your mind to have better control of your life and business. At our professional workshops you don't just get the theory, you also apply it in practice (events gallery below).

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Marta Macy

Life Coach
MalagaMinds Founder & Expert

​Originally from Poland. Born with a natural passion to help people. 

"To achieve your goals you need more than a good plan. You may have the best strategy for life or business but if you don't have the right mindset you will subconsciously sabotage yourself. The way of thinking determines what you do."

"I help people to overcome their limiting beliefs like feeling not good enough, fear of failure, fear of rejection or self-doubts which stop them from taking action. I give them clarity on what they really want to have or be. I also teach them how to break old patterns and bad habits, so they can achieve their goals and dreams."


Trained in personal and professional development by the best international coaches like Brian Tracy, T. Harv Eker or John Assaraf. Has 18 years experience as an entrepreneur in international sales, branding strategy, opening new markets and business consulting. Certified in Coaching & Mentoring (2014), Psychology, Global Marketing Strategy, Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations, Negotiations, Sales and Leadership.

Valmore J. Mendoza

Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist
MalagaMinds Expert

"I believe the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Early in our lives, we learn ways of being and adapt in the world – behaviors, thinking, identifying. We learn by modeling our parents, authority figures and everything that culture imposes us. Sometimes, we can get lost during the journey of life because of a lack of awareness, purpose and understanding of our inner self."

"My approach to therapy is psychodynamically informed and integrative, with systemic and existentialist foundations. With 9 years of experience as a therapist I can bring thoughtful presence, and an honest style of communication. We will work together to build a respectful space where you can express freely and be yourself."


Bachelor's in clinical psychology from Arturo Michelena University in Valencia, Venezuela. Certified diploma in psychodrama group and individual psychotherapy from ITGP centre for psychodrama in Madrid, Spain. Certified in clinical hypnotherapy by Lux training centre in Marbella, Spain.