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The event will be in English


Thursday, 6th July
19:00 - 21:00
2 Experts speeches & Networking

The MALAGAMINDS ROOFTOP TALKS will be located at Innovation Campus Málaga Terrace, on calle Puerto 14, 5th floor, 29016 Málaga, Spain. 

The entrance is free but we have limited spots, so please sign up (below) to participate in the event.


1) Let's talk about awareness.
What is awareness really? How does it work?
Why is it so important in your life?
How can you develop self-awareness?

On all these questions will answer Psychotherapist Valmore J. Mendoza.

About Valmore:
Valmore teaches people on how to face and cope with their emotions, identify unconscious behaviors so they can develop awareness. He guides them to find new ways to become the best version of themselves.

2) 6 habits that sabotage your life.
Bad habits take your energy, possibilities, time, your potential, don't allow you to grow and get what you want in your life. Wondering what are the most destructive habits to stop doing?

Coach Marta Macy will explain how those habits are created and how to grip them out from your routine. 

About Marta:
Marta supports people to get clarity on what they really want to have or be. She helps to find and eliminate limiting beliefs which stop them from taking action. Also guides in changing unproductive habits.

3) After Drinks & Networking
After the speeches you will have an opportunity to know each other better and enjoy cold drinks together :-)
We will stay on the amazing Innovation Campus Rooftop. 


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