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Do you want a better life?

Great, but that requires change. Does the word "change" scare you already? If so, no worries! This is a natural reaction of your brain to keep you in your comfort zone and protect you from the unknown, the things you don't recognize yet.

Let's go back a little in time, to cave dwelling days when the world was a really dangerous place. In those days, to survive, as humans we had to be extremely careful. Every sound, every single move or smell could be our killer. Nowadays, even if we don't face a beast we activate exactly the same threat detection areas of the brain as our ancestors and our fear takes charge.

You know what? Today fear is just a belief, and a belief is something that you accept as true or real.
That takes us to limiting beliefs, which are the main obstacle to human being, having and doing.
To achieve your goals you need more than a good plan. You can have the best strategy to make it happen but if you don't have the right mindset you will subconsciously sabotage yourself. You may not even notice that your behavior doesn't serve you.

What is the mindset? It's a collection of your beliefs, thinking and experience that creates your thoughts and habits. It is your mental limitation and has a huge effect on how you think, what you feel and what kind of action you take throughout your day.

Would you like to learn how to change your mindset and take control of your life? 

Start MalagaMinds Coaching!

Overcome fear, self-doubts, the feeling of not being good enough!
Achieve your dreams and get the lifestyle you deserve! 

As a Life Coach I can help you to:

get clarity on what you want to have or be​

uncover hidden obstacles which hold you back from achieving your dreams

overcome limitations and unblock your full potential

develop your self-confidence 

become highly motivated & more focused 

build self-awareness to stop unproductive behaviors and negative thoughts​

create new habits to reach what you want​

learn better communication in relationship

increase emotional intelligence for better controlling of your emotions

reprogram your money mindset to earn more

MalagaMinds Coaching Results:

After our coaching you will know what you really want in life. You will learn how to set up goals coherently with yourself, not with what others may want from you. 

Coach Marta Macy will help you to find and clear your limiting beliefs, so you can build high self-confidence and take control of your life. 

You will break your old patterns and develop new habits to stay motivated and focused like never before. You will become aware and unstoppable!


Marta Macy
Life & Business Coach


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