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Feeling stuck in your business?

Being self-employed or taking care of your own business is not easy. Always, sooner or later, there comes a day that you feel lost. You may not be sure what you really want or what should be the next step to reach your goals. Very often it is not just about your skills or knowledge in the specific topic, but the fact that your subconscious sabotages you to make it happen. How so? It's all because of your old acquired behaviors.

"95% of everything you do is the result of habit." - Aristotle

When you create a habit you make things on "autopilot", without thinking deeply about how to do it. Similar to brushing your teeth in the morning. If you have a habit to postpone things for later, not finishing your tasks or fear of failure in any action you take, you are not able to achieve your dreams.

Did you know that fear and procrastination are one of the biggest business enemies?

Where fear is a limiting belief to overcome and procrastination is a habit to change.

If you have a feeling that you are stuck in your business, that's the right moment to take a look at the real reason for that. Our Expert Marta Macy will help you to find it and guide you how to move forward to get what you want. Her 18 years experience as an entrepreneur in international sales, branding and opening new markets will transform your business to get the results you expect to get.

Start MalagaMinds Business Coaching!

Uncover unproductive behaviors, overcome limiting beliefs and get rid of the feeling stuck in your business!
Achieve your goals and get the lifestyle you deserve! 

As a Business Coach I can help you to:

develop your self-confidence

become highly motivated & more focused

create new habits and self-discipline

get your goals clarity

uncover hidden obstacles which hold you back from achieving your dreams

overcome limiting beliefs and unblock your full potential

build self-awareness to stop unproductive behaviors and negative thoughts​

learn better communication in business​

reprogram your money mindset to earn more

upgrade your sales and branding skills

MalagaMinds Business Coaching Results:

After our coaching you will get goals clarity. You will be aware of what you really want to have or be in your business to take the next steps forward.

Coach Marta Macy will help you to discover unproductive patterns, so you could implement the changes and make your decisions and actions fully conscious.

You will reprogram your money mindset and upgrade your business skills, which will allow you to start achieving what you wish without unnecessary stress or burning out.


Marta Macy
Life & Business Coach


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