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Available in English or Polish

Life Coaching by Marta Macy

Do you want a better life? Set up your goals coherent with what you really want to have or be. Overcome limiting beliefs which block you from making a step forward. Forget about fear of failure and feeling not good enough. Build self-confidence like never before.

Available in English or Polish

Business Coaching by Marta Macy

Feeling stuck in your business? Get clarity of next set. Find the obstacles which stop you from taking daily action. Learn how to break your unproductive patterns and develop high self-discipline to start achieving your biggest dreams.

Available in English or Spanish

Psychotherapy by Valmore J. Mendoza

To keep a healthy and strong mental health you need to learn how to face and cope with your emotions, identify unconscious behaviors so you can develop awareness, learn new skills and find new ways to become your best version.

Available in English or Spanish

Hypnotherapy by Valmore J. Mendoza

Clinical hypnotherapy unlike other therapies it addresses the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is regarded to be a fairly short-term approach in getting the results expected, if it is to happen relatively in a few sessions.


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